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My Acne Story

“A Beautiful Skin requires Commitment . Not A Miracle.”

Hi there! My name is Ramninder Kaur, a marketing practitioner by profession and now turned into a skin expert by choice.

You all must be here, because you have a skin problem. And it’s normal to have one. But to be with it for lifetime, is a choice!

I had struggled with acne for a long 9 years of my life.

I know the pain and feelings one go through while handling any skin problem.

And Believe me- “Every Problem has a solution”

Now let me give you some glimpse of my acne story-How it all started and all the struggles I had to go through.

You can totally relate too.

I had the best of skin ,all plumy moisturized, all clean and healthy.

Until, One day I got a pimple .

I thought it was just a phase and it’s normal to have one pimple.

And , I just pop it out.

Then from one pimple to another and so on and it never stopped.

My whole face, especially cheeks, chin was affected badly .

And slowly slowly , Acne started appearing on my nose and forehead.

It was not limited to just the face,but my whole head scalp was also brutally affected to a great extent – all itchy bumps started coming along with a lot of dandruff.

And this cycle never stopped.

Back then , I didn’t have anyone suggesting me all the right precautions to be taken to handle pimples or acne.

So , I did everything like anything ever available on universe-

  • Popping a pimple ( thought pimple would recover fast but trust me it was quite opposite because now I had to deal with one more problem-a scar )
  • Tried all homemade masks ( you name it – lemon, turmeric, neem, ginger, tomatoes, garlic, etc. Anything you eat, I must have put it on my face)
  • Bought all the products available in the market( I would not name it )
  • Consulted not 1 but 3 different dermatologists ( applied all creams, gels and soaps and cheery on the top – the medicines )
  • All herbal ingredients (safi to vicco)
  • And finally to the most innovative – saliva ( yes! I had tried putting my own saliva on my face too )

And from all of theses , some work and some just worsen my skin

But In nutshell- nothing cleared out my skin totally.

TO Date Now-

I have my clear skin still healing from all the trauma it had gone through.

And I started this blog to provide all the right information needed out there, all my experiences, and everything I could do to help you to get the healthy skin of your dream.

Special Thanks to all the fear, doubt and problems that came into my life and changed me in beautiful way.

This blog may not be possible without my mentor-Deepak Kanakraju who helped me in my blog journey and motivates me to write and write more to express everything to the world, to give value out there.