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Hey folks,

You must be here because-

  •  you have heard of the digital Deepak internship program beforehand.
  • Or you want some sort of internship experience in Digital Marketing
  • And you just want assurance (A direct yes and No answer) before investing in this Digital Marketing program.

If this is the case, then you have landed in the right place.

But before giving my pure and honest review of the internship program.

Let me introduce myself a little bit!

My name is Ramninder Kaur and I am a marketing practitioner, learner, and explorer.

And I am one of the interns of Batch 5 of the Digital Deepak internship program. 

Digital Deepak Internship Program

My journey on connecting with the internship program-

I am always open to learning especially if it is related to Digital Marketing.

I explored in-depth articles, youtube videos, free courses, and what not related to Digital marketing.

But the information is so flooded on the internet that I was stuck on where to start, and where to end.

So, I enrolled in one of the expensive Digital marketing courses available online.

After finishing the course, I was left with the basic knowledge and a certificate.

And I had no practical experience as such in digital marketing and was not capable of doing a job(according to market).

So I was just thinking about doing some sort of internship to gain practical experience.

(Trust me! I haven’t googled anything yet It was just my pure thought)

Out of nowhere, a total surprise just landed on my mail!

And I still remember,

The subject line – Digital Marketing Internship Program with Digital Deepak

Subject line

I had no idea who Deepak Kanakraju was at that point! 

I was unable to even pronounce the word- Kanakraju!

(as I’m a Punjabi and not familiar with such names)

But the mail was so appealing that I just filled the application form for the internship.

Special thanks to Avi Arya sir, as the mail was sent by him.

So then I do my research as always!!!

I came to know about digital Deepak.

I read his blogs and watched popular youtube videos.

And I can actually feel all the positive vibes coming from the universe (my spiritual thought).

My application form got accepted and I was eagerly waiting for the launch webinar.

The webinar was just awesome and it tells about the structure of the program, all the learning we can get, and finally the fee and the best part – the cashback.

Yes, you heard that right!–It is one of its kind of programs.

There is nothing like that to date. (As much to my knowledge)

​Introduction to Digital Deepak internship program-

It’s a program where you can learn digital marketing with all the fees returned as cash prizes and you can even earn as you learn.

This well structured and smartly designed program is introduced by Deepak Kanakraju.

Deepak Kanakraju aka “Digital Deepak” is a blogger, speaker, author, trainer, and consultant in the digital marketing field.

He is the CEO of the pixel track digital and a co-founder of option chat.

He has previously worked at well-known startups such as Razorpay, Instamojo, Practo, and Exotel as a digital marketing manager.

He has great knowledge and experience and to learn from such a reputed mentor was an honor for me.

Along With Deepak sir, we were introduced to another guide for internship- Kamna Jain

Kamna Jain is a Digital Marketer who specializes in WordPress, Content Writing Services, and other Integrated Digital Marketing Services.

She also Specializes in Video Making and Webinar Mastery.

But, let me give you some insight- Kamna mam was also a part of this internship and after its completion, become a permanent part of Digital Deepak.

My Honest Review and everything related to digital Deepak internship program-

After enrolling in the internship program.

We all got a detailed welcome letter through mail regarding the program.

And with that, all the interns joined together through the telegram group. (and a total of 500 interns in Batch5)

All these are just booster for starting the internship.

We all were given the login details for LMS and were provided with the mentor for the Batch 5 journey-Kamna Jain.

Structure-wise Review | My journey to productivity

The program is divided into 12 weeks of Valuable content plus 4 week’s bonuses

Each week, we are provided with-

  • A detailed video about the topic. (presented by Deepak sir)
  • Assignment worksheet
  • Assignment worksheet video-How to complete the assignment (by Deepak sir)
  • And in between the week- The assignment q&a session was held by our batch5 mentor and guide- Kamna Jain.

We need to finish the assignment within the deadline provided to win the cash prize(That the whole game changer mind)

This deadline and cash prize game makes this program different from others.

Call it motivation, inspiration, or whatever but this deadline and cash prize thing helped a lot in taking action and gaining practical experience through completing the assignment.

But, the knowledge we get out of internships is way more than money invested.

Week1 is all about Mindset

This week is all about setting the base for the proper success in the internship program and the future.

It’s a kind of personality development session that is required for success.

From dreaming big to a positive state of mind to productivity to health and whatnot.

It actually covers our entire life and living it to the fullest to receive the success you wanted.  

Week2 teaches about Marketing

Digital Marketing is more of Marketing than Digital.

Everything related to marketing -selling, branding, economics, funnel building, and a lot more are covered under the week2 video.


It is more of a research week related to niche, keyword, and customer avatar.

This week is the action taker week and demands thinking and research.

But in a kind of fun way and helps in making you aware of yourself more.

Week4 is dedicated to the Creation of a blog

I always thought of launching my own blog but due to fear, doubt, and what not was never able to do it.

But as this was the part of the internship so I did that.

I have my own WordPress website in front of me and was more than happy.

I guess the mindset video from week1 does the job and provides me the courage for it.

Week5 is all about content creation

According to Forbes, content is the #1 marketing trend to budget for in 2019.

And if you are finding it hard to believe, here’s something for you.

Coca-Cola spends more money on content creation than it does on TV ads.

I learned about-

  • Building content as assets
  • Building trust through great content
  • Building long-term goal
  • Types of content and categorizing according to funnels 

             And a lot more!

Week6 was on my favorite topic Social Media

As opposed to my perception, this week opens my mind to the all-new world of social media.

Not as commonly we are aware of as Instagram, Facebook, etc.

It went to the base of social media creation and the building of a tribe instead.

Week7 is dedicated to Lead generation

This is a week of my success and most of my co-interns success week too.

The topic was dedicated to the Lead generation and Deepak sir is pro in this topic.

To my big surprise, I got a job after applying all the techniques suggested by sir.

Not just 1 or 2, I got a job interview call from 3 companies.

And all my fear of introducing myself to strangers was just gone.

With this, some of my co-interns even got paid clients for their respective businesses.

Week8&9 was for Facebook and google ads 

I got practical exposure to running ads as a part of the assignment.

Week10 is about SEO

We all came to know about keyword, creating quality content for viewers.

Week11- Deep Marketing Automation

We were introduced to various tools of automation in this week . Along with this we practically implement the same for our website.


Will soon update after complition

Fees and Cash prizes-

Now, you all must be curious to join the internship as the knowledge and community are far beyond than expected.

Actually, the fee depends on which batch you are about to join.

I can’t reveal the exact fee amount because it might create confusion if you’re looking to join the future Internship Batch.

One thing I can reveal is that the fee will be around Rs. 15,000-20,000.

Note: The fee amount might change this is just to give you an idea.

Here’s the best part of this internship, you can earn back all the investment that you made by completing all assignments as Cash prizes.

[Click Here for Regitration to the Internship program]

More opportunities-

The opportunities and communities build during and even after finishing the internship are tremendous.

  • Online dedicated communities and friends 

     Well, becoming friends online is something that usually happens in such programs, but connecting offline, becoming friends, and meeting in real life is probably the best.                                                                                                                          

  • Resources

             As a part of the internship, we were provided with a bundle of resources create Deepak sir as bonuses!

In Batch5, we were provided with free resources- 

  • FB ads mastery course – Rs4999
  • Google ads mastery course – Rs1999
  • Edge of sanity book written by Deepak Kanakraju
  • Digital Marketing Tools mastery course – Rs999
  • Personality types by – Premium -$49
  • Job opportunities
  • Digital Marketing club
  • Earn through affiliate marketing and many other sources.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Is the internship for me?

This internship is for-

  • Student Who want a job in Digital marketing or want to become a freelancer
  • Professionals who want to grow their business or sell something online.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to open a Marketing agency or to become a consultant and much more
  • Others who want all of the above

Basically, who wants to explore the digital world in the right direction.

Do we really get cash prizes or it’s just a scam?


We really get the money back but with a condition-

Completion Of Assignments before the deadline.

Who is eligible for an internship?

There is no age or qualification limit as such.

Anyone who wants deep knowledge in Digital Marketing can join, learn, and apply the techniques.

But Two things are compulsory before starting the internship –

  • A laptop
  • UPI id for payments

Are there any additional costs involved?

During the internship, we need to incur some costs to gain practical experience with tools.

  • Buying Domain and Hosting – Max Rs.2000
  • Running Facebook and Google ads – Max200 or according to your budget.

Are assignments difficult or easy?

Aha! It’s a tricky question!!

Ok, So assignments are there for practical application of the things learned during the week.

One may go through various emotions-fear, doubt, judgment, Tension

But after passing through all the obstacles, one gets great wisdom.

So In Batch5, we go through various ups and downs

  • Making tribe
  • Conducting meeting
  • Making videos
  • Writing content
  • Getting familiar with the technical stuff- Domain, hosting, tools, ads, etc.

But under the proper guidance of Deepak sir and Kamna Mam, everything looks smooth and easy.

What if I find any problem during the internship?

If you find any problem during the internship- like an emergency, payments, and anything else.

The support team is always available for help.

During my internship, I went through an emergency, and the support team totally coordinated.

Thanks! To the support team!


In nutshell, this Internship is a life-changing transformation for me.

Each week, we were brought to new challenges, fears, and doubts.

But with the proper guidance of the team, we all learned a lot.

I came to know about automation, tribe building, conducting zoom meetings, running ads, and whatnot.

I would like to Thank all the team for such value and many more to come.

And if you want to apply , you can fill the provided form- Registration are open

Here is the detailed video related to The Digital Deepak Internship review-